Award / Foundation award in healthcare finance

15 CPD hours

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This award will provide you with a basic understanding and awareness of fundamental aspects of healthcare finance in England. The course will give you the opportunity to find out more about specific aspects of finance that are particularly relevant to you and your role. Once completed you will have gained knowledge you need to carry out the financial responsibilities associated with your role.

This award is relevant to those who are; new to NHS, NHS suppliers, governors and board members, clinical staff, budget managers, operational staff, finance staff and primary care staff.

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What's included?

Certificate of completion

Up to date, easy to understand content, written by NHS experts

Access to your courses online 24/7

15 hours of accredited CPD

Required courses

This is a mandatory course as part of the award.

Gain an understanding of how the NHS in England is structured and financed

Optional courses

Choose four courses from the selection below, to complete your choices for the award. Then click 'add to basket' at the bottom of the course selection.

Gain an overview of business cases, their importance and how they are used
Understand what commissioning is and how it is planned, agreed and monitored
Develop a greater understanding of service line management
Learn more about costing in the NHS and how it helps to deliver high quality services
Explore how cost improvement programmes (CIPs) work and the importance of maintaining service quality
Examine how NHS budgets are prepared, used and managed
Gain insight into how receivables and payables are managed and accounted for within the NHS
Reflect on how NHS organisations buy goods and services
Develop a better understanding of the finance and governance of charitable funds in the NHS
Learn how organisations try to achieve their goals and improve performance
Build a better understanding of how VAT is applied in the NHS and how your decisions may have VAT implications
Reflect on how NHS service delivery can be improved through integration
Gain an introduction to health economics and its uses within the NHS
Explore how large and expensive assets are bought, managed and sold within the NHS
Get an introduction to how money flows through the NHS and how it is used to pay for services
Understand what governance is, why it is important and how it has evolved
Consider how GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacists are paid for services provided to the NHS
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CPD accredited
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Occupational level
Band 2 to 6 finance Band 7+ finance Clinical/medical professional Primary care/practice manager