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The chief executive’s team is responsible for supporting the association’s directors and managing operations within the HFMA office. The education team and the organisation’s magazine, Healthcare Finance, both fall under the remit of the chief executive’s department, as does the HR function of the organisation.

Contact: Sarah Moffitt, head of HR
Email: [email protected]

The HFMA has its own conference centre in central London – 110 Rochester Row

The team there is responsible for hosting internal and external events, welcoming guests to the venue and coordinating the events delivery with external clients.

Contact: Alda Afonso, conference centre manager
Email: [email protected]

The corporate business development team works in partnership with the commercial sector. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop solutions to best meet those needs. Among their responsibilities is the organising of exhibitions at the association’s national events, including the HFMA annual conference.

Contact: Paul Momber, head of corporate business development
Email: [email protected]

The education team is responsible for developing and delivering qualifications in healthcare business and finance. The team oversees the development and delivery of the HFMA's bitesize online learning services. The team also oversees the regional Skills Development Networks (SDNs) in the South West and West Midlands and works in partnership with the South East Finance Academy to deliver the SDN within the South East region. The regional financial management training schemes, coaching and mentoring services also lie within this department. 

Contact: Emily Osgood, Associate director of education 
Email: [email protected]

The finance team contributes towards the effective planning, management, financial control and reporting of the HFMA. The finance team works closely with all HFMA heads of department to help them budget, monitor and forecast their financial performance. The team also produces external reports in line with Companies Act and HMRC requirements, including the external audit of the association’s annual report and accounts.

Contact: Neil Gresham, head of finance
Email: [email protected]

The healthcare business development team works in partnership with the NHS to advise and recommend the services that the HFMA provides to support training and development. Services that the team offer include the NHS operating game, HFMA bitesize online learning, networks and the HFMA qualifications.

Contact: Stephanie Brown, head of healthcare business development
Email: [email protected]

The team is responsible for managing the association’s infrastructure and systems and for developing the online services available to staff and members.

Contact: Gavin Wells, head of IT
Email: [email protected]

This team is responsible for overseeing each of the HFMA Hub networks and the Healthcare Costing for Value Institute, providing a platform for support and idea exchange for different areas of the NHS through a series of events, training and specialised resources.

The team also manages the HFMA national events programme and delivers the HFMA annual conference. 

Contact: Rosanne Brake, events manager of institute, networks and events
Email: [email protected]

The marketing team works closely with the HFMA executive team to develop an association wide marketing strategy and annual work plan. This is designed to ensure that HFMA is communicating co-ordinated high-level messages, that are relevant to the sector and its members, via a breadth of media and engagement methods. 

The team is responsible for handling media queries and oversees the ongoing development of the HFMA’s website, digital platforms and social media engagement. 

Contact: Alex Wood, head of marketing and communications
Email: [email protected]

This team is responsible for overseeing the recruitment and retention of HFMA members. The team also supports the association's 13 branches, providing advice and guidance on membership matters and the creation and delivery of branch programmes, events and networking opportunities. 

Contact: Danielle Lucas, head of administration
Email: [email protected]

One NHS Finance brings together the Future-Focused Finance, National Finance Academy and the Finance Innovation Forum programmes and networks to make sure that everyone working in NHS finance has access to skills, knowledge, methods and opportunities to influence and enhance patient services.  

Contact: Camilla Godfrey, head of programmes
Email: [email protected]

The HFMA’s policy and technical team produces a wide range of technical guidance and research for the association. The guidance includes publications, briefings, articles, blogs, podcasts, technical papers and responses to consultation papers. Members of the team are experts in their areas and help drive improvements in the finance and governance arrangements of NHS organisations. 

The team provides advice to help shape the association’s conference and events programme. The team also supports the HFMA's policy committees and special interest groups. For a full list of these groups and to see who to contact if you have a query about joining, please click here. Find out more about the policy and technical team and their work here

Contact: Emma Knowles, director of policy and communications 
Email: [email protected]