Event / HFMA Yorkshire and Humber Branch - Mindset and the neuroscience of leadership

12:00, 11 December 2024 Online

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The Yorkshire and Humber branch would like to invite you to a series of Lunch and Learn Neuroscience webinars the fourth one been Mindset and the neuroscience of leadership taking place on the 11th December 2024 12:00-13:00 online via ZOOM.


Emotions exert a major influence on the way we deal with teams, employees, colleagues and customers. We can’t divorce ourselves from the emotions that shape our thinking. They determine success or failure - without us even realising.

Everyone can be a successful leader

The latest neuroscience research shows that success and peak performance are within everyone’s grasp because talent and ability can actually grow. Sadly, most of us are not aware of this. We unconsciously limit ourselves and those we work with. Our brains become wired to react the same old way – day in, day out. Our mindset becomes fixed. How many times do we hear “attitude is everything”, but however hard we try we can’t change our thinking. We are stuck in a fixed mindset, under the influence of limiting beliefs.

Interact in a safe space

Our interactive delivery guarantees a safe environment where leaders can open-up and explore subconscious barriers to success. We focus on delegates’ day-to-day challenges and experiences to make the learning compelling and of immediate benefit. This triggers insight and action leading to the questions: What will I do differently? How will I do this?

Neuroscience explains why

All too often we are promised tools and techniques that claim to improve our leadership with little understanding of how or why they work. Neuroscience answers the question why should I lead like this and not like that? Understanding why drives real behaviour change.

It prevents misunderstanding and takes leadership to a whole new level. Your leaders will start to think and act differently – and that change will stick. Research shows that adopting a growth mindset can double productivity.

Speaker - Tom Flatau


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