Strategic plan

Picking up the pace: our strategy for 2022 to 2025

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Picking up the pace is the HFMA's strategy for 2022 to 2025. This strategy represents a clear post Covid-19 vision for the HFMA. During the period 2020 to 2022 the HFMA survived by reducing its cost and reorganising its services. This strategy builds on the innovation of that period.

Strategic lenses

This strategy sees the association develop its services through five strategic lenses – each influencing the strategic objectives and how they are achieved:

  1. Equality, diversity and inclusivity are to the front and centre of our strategy. 
  2. The external environment of the NHS, in terms of health and social care integration and change, shapes our services. 
  3. Our members will be provided with a personalised service, enabled by technology. 
  4. We will continue to support members to improve their skills, knowledge and career development, by working in partnership with One NHS Finance and other NHS initiatives. 
  5. We will aim to reduce our impact on the environment through the HFMA’s own activities and in the NHS via our Environmental Sustainability Special Interest Group. 


Strategic objectives

We also have four strategic objectives:

  1. To provide excellent member networks and services.
  2. To continue to be the influential voice of healthcare finance, facilitating change through leading edge policy and technical work. 
  3. To create relevant and accessible development and qualification opportunities.
  4. To manage ourselves effectively as a business.