HFMA bitesize courses

What are bitesize courses?

Develop career relevant skills with over 70 online courses, starting from £50*.

HFMA bitesize provides a range of online CPD accredited courses, covering essential healthcare business and finance subjects. Courses vary in length:


Short courses provide 3 hours CPD at an introductory level.


Intermediate and advanced courses provide 6 and 10 hours CPD respectively and allow you to deepen your understanding of a subject.

Short courses:
Complete any bitesize short course individually OR purchase the introductory award in healthcare finance (5 short courses) at a reduced cost. There are awards available for NHS England, NHS Wales, HSC and GP practice organisations.

Intermediate courses:
Complete any intermediate course individually OR a series of intermediate courses to build up to an HFMA intermediate qualification in healthcare business and finance.

Can bitesize courses lead me to a qualification?

Yes, to complete the bitesize learning content for a qualification, you must choose an intermediate or advanced course that you wish to study and complete all the courses in that series.

To achieve an HFMA qualification in healthcare business and finance you need to complete and pass an assessment for the relevant course series you wish to achieve.

Under each course page you can see the other courses you need to complete in the series. You must purchase an assessment and study skills package and complete the assessment successfully to achieve a qualification.

View full details on the assessment and study skills packages.


Subscriptions for organisations

Access to all bitesize short courses for your staff.

  • Easily monitor training usage
  • 24/7 online access to courses
  • Increase financial awareness
  • Reduce training costs
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Our bitesize courses

Browse over 70 of our online courses

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