Subscriptions for organisations

Improve financial performance through a better understanding of the NHS

The HFMA’s bitesize subscription service enables your organisation to provide finance training entirely online, as a self-study option for staff.  

Whether you want to make the training mandatory or offer a flexible approach for your staff, HFMA can support you with your training roll out. Our subscription service has been designed to be a cost effective training solution, so there is an option for every organisation. 

What is an HFMA bitesize courses subscription? 

The organisational subscription offers you complete access to all or a selected number, level or series of HFMA bitesize courses, for a minimum of 12 months at a low cost. You will be giving your staff the support they need to develop their financial knowledge and improve effectiveness in their day-to-day roles.

Whether you want to provide online training for a specific cohort of staff or roll out wider access to larger groups across your organisation, there is an option for you. 

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- Easily monitor training usage.
- 24/7 online access to courses.
- Increase financial awareness.
- Reduce training costs.

What does your organisation get access to?

Through the organisational subscription with HFMA, you will have access to a chosen range of HFMA bitesize courses with managed access for the group of staff that you wish to subscribe for. You will have administrator access to:

Dedicated support to roll out courses

Up to date course content

24/7 online access to the learning platform

Further information and pricing

The HFMA bitesize courses support the ongoing development of all professionals working with or for the NHS, who wish to have a better understanding of the business and finance context of healthcare. This includes GPs, practice managers, nursing staff, clinicians, board members, senior and junior finance staff, allied healthcare professionals as well as NHS suppliers. The courses are varied and relevant to all.

Courses are accessible 24/7, online, meaning staff can learn at their own pace, at a time to fit around their busy work schedules. 

It’s easy, you will have access to an online platform that allows you to assign courses to your chosen members of staff. You can choose to assign all courses or just a selection to the staff you wish to have access - upload large groups of staff with ease.

Once assigned, an email notification will be sent to your staff giving them details of the courses and a link to the login page. They can access courses from any device with an internet connection. You can monitor the usage of training by course or individual and send reminders to your employees if needed. 

Our subscription service is used by more than 100 NHS organisations and has been running for over 15 years. You can subscribe for a minimum of 12 months and have access to all HFMA’s Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced bitesize courses or you can select the courses you want access to, the choice is yours. The longer your subscription term, the lower the cost. Subscriptions are cost effective if you are looking to train 30+ people. We can help you identify members of staff to train.

Costs start as little as £55 per person.

We have packages for all types of requirements and understand that training budgets and needs vary from one organisation to another.

Whether you want to:

  • roll out one course to all your staff
  • roll out a series of courses for your budget holders or / and other staff
  • roll out all courses to a select group of staff
  • choose different courses for different cohorts of staff.

We can support you with a solution that meets your individual organisation or system requirements. For full pricing details and a quote please contact [email protected] or call 0117 457 3990. 

A fantastic range of online courses that are always kept up to date to follow latest changes to the NHS landscape.

HFMA partner benefit

HFMA partners receive 20% discount on Bitesize courses