Free HFMA membership for NHS Agenda for Change bands 2 to 6

As of 1 January 2022, finance staff working in NHS Agenda for Change bands 2 to 6 are now eligible for free membership of the HFMA. The association has taken this step to encourage a more diverse membership that fully represents the NHS finance community, now and into the future.  

If you are currently working in this banding or equivalent, within a finance role, you can apply for a free membership. This offer is open to individuals working in all four UK nations, working in equivalent bands.

Membership benefits

  • Access to Healthcare Finance magazine online every quarter
  • Healthcare Finance weekly email every Friday keeping you up-to-date with the latest member news
  • Full access to policy and research publications, briefings, surveys and responses
  • Full access to all HFMA webinars available live and on-demand
  • Access to blogs from the finance profession and other thought leaders 
  • Right to vote at the annual AGM
  • Discounted rates on the HFMA coaching service, to support your career development 
  • Discounts on your local HFMA branch events and conferences tickets
  • Access to free HFMA regional mentoring
  • Influence national policy and contribute to research by joining one of our committees or special interest groups
  • Use of the 110 Rochester Row, London member meeting space for meetings of up to two hours*


What benefits do I get? 
The free band 2 to 6 membership provides you with all the full HFMA member benefits as listed above. You are entitled to vote and take part in all of the Association’s activities including branch meetings.  
The free membership does not include the quarterly printed magazine, but you are able to purchase a yearly subscription for £20.  Free members who are part of an organisation in the Membership Direct scheme will not have to pay an additional sum for the printed magazine as this can be collected from your organisations office.

What is considered an equivalent to bands 2 to 6? 
‘Band 6 and below’ relates to staff earning the following amounts or below; £39,026 in England and Wales, £40,736 in Scotland and £37,890 in Northern Ireland (pay award pending).  These amounts will be set on 1 January each year.  All amounts are pro-rata meaning that to establish an individual’s eligibility only the full-time equivalent salary will be considered.

Do I need to work in a finance role to be eligible?  

The following individuals will be entitled to become free members: 

  1. Staff working in finance roles within NHS organisations across the UK.  This will normally be within the finance department but the individual may be ‘embedded’ within a particular directorate as a finance specialist  
  2. Staff working for the finance director in an allied profession reporting to them such as IT/digital, procurement, estates etc, who can make a case for their inclusion on the database 
  3. Staff working in categories 1 or 2 above in NHS statutory organisations, arm's length bodies, central government, NHS charities, service companies set up by the NHS, CSUs, corporate partners of HFMA and local authority staff working closely with NHS finance colleagues 
  4. Staff working above band 6 on training scales providing they earn less than the maximum pro-rated rate for each individual country 
  5. Any individual not in the above categories who can make a case to the head of membership.  The right of appeal is to the chief executive  
Why do I need to provide the name of my director of finance on the sign-up form?
We rely upon all members to provide accurate and honest information when signing up for the free membership. From time-to-time we may run spot checks, contacting an organisation's director of finance, to ensure we have the correct membership levels for staff in the organisation.

When will this offer end? 
The association has no plans to stop this offer. We are committed to growing a diverse and inclusive membership that fully reflects the current and future NHS finance community.

What if I have a band 7 training contract but am being paid at band 6 level? 
If you are currently being paid the full-time equivalent salary of band 6 or below, you are entitled to the free membership for the duration you are eligible on that pay grade (see 'What is considered an equivalent to bands 2 to 6?' section for full details).

What if I get promoted above band 6? 
If your job changes and you move into a pay band of band 7 or above, you will need to let the HFMA membership team know and your membership will be changed upon your annual renewal date. E.g. if you have a job promotion whilst you still have three months of your free membership year, you will be able to use your free membership for those three months until the renewal date. Upon your renewal date your membership would be charged at the band 7+ annual fee.

Do I need to renew my membership each year?
Yes. Every 12 months you will be required to renew your membership and confirm that you are still working in a role between bands 2 to 6 or equivalent. 

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To join today as a free band 2 to 6 member, simply complete this sign-up form.

To renew an expired membership please contact the team either at or call them on 0117 929 4789 and they will be happy to help.

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