Conference / Bands 2 to 6 conference and HFMA intermediate qualification graduation ceremony

10:00, 21 February 2024 In-person 110 Rochester Row

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In January 2022, the HFMA expanded its membership to include finance staff in NHS Agenda for Change bands 2 to 6 roles. Individuals in these positions qualify for free HFMA membership, and the association is pleased to have welcomed nearly four thousand members since the initiative's inception. To commemorate this milestone, we are excited to announce our inaugural conference tailored specifically for these members.

The conference aims to engage future finance leaders, individuals seeking to enhance their current skills, and those who have recently completed the HFMA intermediate certificate in healthcare business and finance. The day's themes will revolve around proactively managing career advancement within the NHS, optimising HFMA membership benefits, and celebrating the achievements of those who have earned the HFMA intermediate certificate.

Join us for a day of insightful learning, networking opportunities with peers, and a celebration of accomplishments. This event is worth 7 accredited CPD hours.

This event is free to attend.

Session content

Feb 21

    Teas, coffees, and other refreshments will be available from 10:00

    Paul Miller, HFMA tutor

    Peter English, management development consultant

    This interactive workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of your personality type, what happens when you are under pressure, and its implications for how you work with your manager and colleagues.

    Understanding what's driving you and your colleagues

    A buffet lunch will be provided

    Iain Crossley, HFMA mentor & Liam McDonald, HFMA mentee

    HFMA mentoring

    Ann Lucas, career development coach

    Learn how to increase your chances of landing your next job and have the confidence to seize opportunities as they arise, and be happy and fulfilled at work.

    How to successfully land your next job

    Teas, coffees, and other refreshments will be available

    Dily Atkinson, bands 2 to 6 committee chair & Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust;
    Linda Goodey, Suffolk and North East Essex ICB;

    Alistair Brisbourne, head of technology research, ACCA

    This session will consider the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) for the future of finance and accountancy. The future of finance will be even more technology and data enabled which means that value will increasingly be created in the interface between humans and technology. Against a backdrop of shifting organisational challenges and demands on individuals, AI presents both challenges and opportunities. For example, by helping to drive efficiencies, enhance analytical capabilities, or automate routine tasks, AI can propel us to new solutions as well as career opportunities. But to unlock new paths skill sets must evolve through continuous learning, and the distinct qualities, risks and applications of AI need to be understood.

    Future-ready finance: unlocking new paths in finance and accountancy with AI

    Andy Ray, HFMA tutor

    HFMA intermediate qualification

    Paul Miller, HFMA tutor

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