HFMA response / The HFMA's response to the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) 2020

22 September 2020 Debbie Paterson
1 CPD hour
The key points in our submission are: 
  • A five-year settlement for both health and social care, including all parts of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) budget is needed to allow for proper planning. A longer settlement for capital would be ideal  
  • Health and social care must be treated as a whole at local as well as national level. In the longer term, this may mean legislative change to remove barriers but in the short term, equality of funding would ensure that both parts of the system are treated equitably  
  • The flow of funds from Parliamentary Vote to the patient or service user is overly complex – the system needs to be simplified and focused on value  
  • Service delivery in a Covid-19 world is more complicated and will be at a reduced capacity while demand for health and social care services will continue to rise. Any financial settlement needs to take this into account  
  • Workforce is a critical issue for health and social care providers – the wider consequences of any changes to policies in areas such as immigration, employment and taxation that affect the health and care workforce need to be identified and fully understood.
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