Practical guide - NHS audit committee handbook

Sarah Bence

15 March 2018

A new version of the HFMA’s NHS audit committee handbook has been published, bringing this useful guide right up to date for committee members and anyone else with an interest – particularly those on governing bodies.

The core role of this statutory committee remains unchanged. It should help NHS governing bodies and audit committees as they review and continually re-assess their system of governance, risk management and control, to ensure that it remains effective and fit for purpose.

But the context has changed radically and the new Handbook captures this and explores the specific impacts for audit committees, while also including a glossary and two updated self-assessment checklists.

Partnership working at scale, for example, merits a new chapter all of its own. This adds a further dimension to the governance between organisations and often involves organisations outside the NHS. The Handbook explores the most common new arrangements – alliances of providers working together, clinical commissioning group committees in common and shared back office arrangements – and looks at how audit committees should approach them and their associated risks.

Practical guide - NHS audit committee handbook

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