Tutor / Paul Dillon-Robinson

HFMA tutor and coach

Having trained and qualified as a chartered accountant, Paul spent 17 years in the NHS as a Head of Internal for a range of NHS organisations, and 8 years managing an NHS internal audit and counter fraud consortium (now part of TIAA).  During this time he was also active with the HFMA, both regionally and nationally.  After 9 years as the Director of Internal Audit for the House of Commons, Paul has since been developing a "portfolio" career, including three public sector non-executive roles (one within the NHS, others within Defra and MoD), as well as governance reviews for schools and links to charities.

He currently does a range of pieces of work for the HFMA, including coaching, ranging from tutoring for the HFMA Academy to facilitating the Operating Game, and from writing guidance (around governance and audit) to delivering training (on leadership and development).

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