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Event / NHS finance for chairs and non-executive directors 2023

09:00, 8 November 2023 1 day In-person 110 Rochester Row

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About this event

This NHS finance update is designed for NHS chairs and non-executive directors, to network with colleagues and hear updates on NHS finance current priorities.

The day was packed with content, giving attendees the chance to reflect on the year so far and look ahead to the future. It brought together topical issues and case studies from fellow colleagues.

Delegates were encouraged to interact with the content through Q&A and discussions. There was also an opportunity to network with colleagues during the breaks.

Session content

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Nov 08

    Ed will give an update from the national leadership team, covering significant developments over the preceding year and the challenges and opportunities ahead as we think about planning for 2024/25.

    Ed Waller  / Deputy CFO NHS England

    Paul von der Heyde was previously chair at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and in 2021 he was appointed as the ICS and ICB chair for NHS Somerset. In this session, Paul will talk about his new role the challenges faced, and he will explore the issues surrounding finance, governance and what the structure looks like.

    Paul von der Heyde  / ICS and ICB chair NHS Somerset Integrated Care Board

    In this interactive session Paul will talk about his experiences as a non-executive director of a trust within an ICS; collaboration, the challenges and likely outcomes. He will facilitate discussions with the audience on your experiences, given the variety of approaches being adopted. Paul will also touch on the work he has been doing alongside the HFMA around ICS decision-making and governance.’ Paul will be keen to take questions and comments throughout his session.

    Paul Dillon-Robinson  / HFMA tutor and coach

    Synopsis TBC.

    Paul Corlass   / managing partner , Viridian Associates

    Statistical process control (SPC) has been widely adopted for performance reporting in the NHS. In recent years finance teams have sought new ways to analyse and interrogate finance data using SPC. SPC is a uniform way of looking at data, triangulating and presenting it in a way which facilitates cross-departmental and even cross-organisational working. In this session we will be giving a brief recap on SPC, sharing some of the very best examples we’ve seen adopted across the country and exploring how to further improve the use of data in your own organisation.

    Nikki Greenwood  / Deputy director of intensive support NHS England
    Adam Smith  / Senior analyst manager - making data count NHS England

    Emily and Peter will set out the responsibilities of the External Auditor under the NAO Code of Audit Practice. Bringing insight from the work undertaken at 76 Grant Thornton NHS audited bodies this summer, this session will share key messages from the recently completed audits, the financial sustainability challenges facing the sector and matters that Chairs and NonExecutive Directors should consider going forward.

    Peter Saunders  / Director, public services advisory (healthcare) Grant Thornton
    Emily Mayne  / Health value for money director Grant Thornton
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