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Join our circle and you can benefit from a comprehensive range of products and services designed to provide you with: access to an influential network; regional event programmes that consistently attract high profile speakers; in-depth briefings and publications; webinars that build up your CPD; weekly news alerts that keep you on top of the national picture and a monthly subscription to Healthcare Finance magazine.

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Member Band 6+

Typically £65.00 for an annual fee*Join HFMA now
Open to anyone in the UK who are on Agenda for Change Band 6 and above or on equivalent salary.

Member Band 5-

Typically £40.00 for an annual fee*Join-now
Open to anyone in the UK who are on Agenda for Change Band 5 and below or on equivalent salary.

Associate member

£89.00 for membership for an annual fee*Join-now
Associate membership is open to individuals working in a supplier, allied or related field to healthcare who possess an interest in healthcare finance issues. All overseas applications received will be allocated associate membership.

Retired member

Typically £40.00 for an annual fee*Join-now
Any member of the association on retirement from substantive employment may apply for registration as a retired member, with the same rights, privileges and duties as a full member.

If you would like to join with a monthly direct debit from as little as £3 a month, please download a form here.


Membership Rates for 2017

Annual Subscription paid by Card/ Invoice

Annual Subscription paid by Annual DD

Annual Subscription paid by Monthly DD

Full member
Band 6+



£5.00 per month / £60 a year

Full Member
Band 5-



£3.00 per month / £36 a year

Retired member



£3.00 per month / £36 a year

Associate member