Branch / West Midlands Branch

Welcome to the branch

We provide a programme of free and subsidised professional and social events throughout the year. Being one of the larger branches, the West Midlands Branch has been divided into six special working groups covering:

  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • membership
  • students and those working in bands 2 to 6
  • system integration and digital transformation
  • annual conference planning
  • research and development.

These groups meet regularly and are always happy to welcome new members!

The next West Midlands Branch annual conference is planned to take place in June 2024.

What makes the branch unique?

Annual conference

Full day of learning and networking at our popular June annual event.

Regular branch events

Online lunch-and-learn webinars and in-person networking opportunities held across the West Midlands

Branch news updates

Regular updates on the hot healthcare finance topics in the West Midlands region

Featured events

Upcoming events in this group.