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Webinar / Truth Talking: the NHS Devon ICB approach to recovery

11:00, 13 October 2023 1 hour Online

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Oct 13

    Welcome to a series of six webinars, deep diving into NHS Devon ICB’s journey of recovery.

    In this first round-table webinar we shed light on the critical issues facing the healthcare sector, with a focus on enhancing performance and financial sustainability. We explore essential topics and solutions that can drive positive change in the healthcare landscape.

    Agenda Highlights:
    - System Transformation in NOF4: Understand the importance of NOF4 for improved performance and financial stability in the healthcare system.
    - Tier 1 for UEC Performance: Explore strategies to achieve Tier 1 status for Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) performance.
    - National and Regional Oversight: Learn how national and regional oversight can bolster performance and address issues arising from national elective, UEC, and GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time) teams.
    - Financial Realities: Gain insights into the financial challenges with a c£242 million underlying deficit and explore the implications of inaction leading to an increase to £700 million.
    - Collaborative Working: Discover the challenges and solutions for demonstrating the ability to work collaboratively as a healthcare system.
    - Management Consultancy Support: Delve into the decision-making process of acquiring Management Consultancy support and the benefits it offers versus trying to handle everything independently.
    - Procuring the Right Services: Explore effective strategies for managing Management Consultants, especially in an NHS context
    - Digital Transformation: Understand the pivotal role of digital technology as a critical enabler for delivering value in a different and more efficient way.
    - Critical Success Factors: Identify the key factors that contribute to successful healthcare system transformation.

    This was a great opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies for tackling the pressing challenges in the healthcare sector. Our expert speakers shared their knowledge and experiences to help the audience make informed decisions and drive positive change.

    Bill Shields  / Interim chief executive and chief finance officer NHS Devon Integrated Care Board
    Debbie Young   / Partner and vice chair , Deloitte MCS Limited
    Eleanor Rollason   / Executive partner , Channel 3 Consulting
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