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Event / Procurement forum 2024

09:00, 31 January 2024, GMT In-person 110 Rochester Row

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About this event

Returning after several years break, the procurement forum will once again bring together finance and procurement-based colleagues to explore the benefits of joint working and best practice. The one-day forum will engage attendees with a mixture of keynote sessions, panels and workshops. The programme will explore and discuss important topics within procurement such as:

  • ensuring best value
  • ethical procurement
  • how ICSs can better leverage supply chains.

This forum is designed for procurement and finance colleagues within the NHS.

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Jan 31
    Matthew Swindells   / President , HCSA

    Jacqui will focus on national specifications and procurement strategies, shedding light on vital changes occurring across the healthcare supply chain. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights into the evolving landscape of procurement in the NHS. She will provide insight into the forthcoming initiatives of the commercial directorate, offering an invaluable glimpse into the future of healthcare procurement.

    Jacqui Rock  / Chief commercial officer NHS England

    This panel session will focus on ICS procurement models, offering insights into the evolving strategies within collaborative healthcare frameworks. The panellists will discuss diverse approaches, addressing challenges and opportunities in aligning procurement with integrated care goals. The session will touch upon ensuring a diversity of approaches such as balancing the benefits of buying at scale against the benefits of local procurement.

    Lee Jackson,   / Managing director , North West London Procurement Services
    Jenny Greenshields   / Chief financial officer CLCH, & chair , West London Procurement Services
    Heather Appleby   / Senior programme manager , North Central London ICB
    Savita Mace   / Chief procurement officer , University Hospitals Sussex
    Matthew Swindells   / President , HCSA
    Workshop A – Procurement law is changing considerably in 2024 – what you need to know about the changes?

    Procurement will change considerably in 2024.

    1. The current position is that the Procurement Act 2023 will come into force in October 2024. The Act will replace the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.
    2. Subject to Parliamentary approval, the Health Care Services (Provider Selection Regime) Regulations 2023 will come into force on 1 January 2024. These regulations cover off how relevant health care services are procurement by relevant authorities.

    This session will cover off what you need to know about these changes and how day to day procurement will change under these new rules.

    Andrew Daly   / Partner and head of procurement , Hempsons
    Workshop B – to be confirmed

    This session will explore fundamental questions surrounding budget allocation and expenditure focus as well as delve into the delicate balance between value-based procurement strategies and cash release.

    Additionally, attendees can anticipate engaging in value-centric conversations and discussions aimed at enhancing the financial dimension of procurement practices.

    Lee Joseph   / Managing director , NHS London Procurement Partnership
    Steve Sercombe   / Director of procurement , NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

    With the ongoing focus on recovery of care backlogs, efficiency improvements and unprecedented savings targets, NHS Supply Chain continually strives to deliver a resilient procurement and supply chain service, enabling the NHS to deliver safe and excellent patient care.

    Ensuring finance, procurement and clinical teams have the insights they need to collaborate and deliver value for their patients and the system is key to driving further efficiencies, faster.

    Join Andrew New and members of his Executive team to discuss the activities NHS Supply Chain are delivering in collaboration with you – contributing to the Provider and ICS efficiency plans and the NHS Supply Chain target of driving greater incremental value back to the NHS.

    Andrew New   / Chief executive officer , NHS Supply Chain

    This session will explore the crucial aspects of assessing and maintaining quality when investing in digital solutions. Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, attendees will gain insights into strategies for evaluating the value, suitability, and longevity of chosen digital products.

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