Webinar / NHS allocations to ICBs – processes, methods, models and supporting publications

13:00, 3 July 2023 1 hour Online

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Jul 03

    How are integrated care boards (ICBs) allocated funding by NHS England? In this webinar, NHS England’s Analysis and Insight for Finance team set out the process and method of resource allocations. The team explain what data it uses to derive its fair shares model, and how this model uses need and cost adjustments to estimate need for different service components. The presentation then discusses how the resulting target shares are combined with ICB baselines and a convergence adjustment to result in final allocations.

    The webinar also discusses the latest updates to the model used for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 allocations and underlying data, as well as presenting what data and supporting documentations and tools have been published. This additional information is intended to support finance professionals as well as analysts in understanding (changes to) their ICB’s allocations and provide supporting evidence for allocating to sub-ICB places, down to the GP practice level.

    Dr Stephen Lorrimer   / Head of analysis and insight for finance , NHS England
    Elbereth Puts   / Senior analytical manager , NHS England
    Heather Ross   / Allocations senior analytical lead , NHS England
    Neil Lester   / Head of strategic finance - programme support , NHS England
    Debbie Paterson  / HFMA senior technical manager
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