Event / Financial sustainability - strength in numbers across the four nations

09:15, 18 May 2023, GMT 1 day Online

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About this event

This one-day forum, was the first event under Lee Bond’s presidential theme strength in numbers. This event seeked to support finance functions across the four nations to improve financial sustainability, as they have an important part to play in delivering effective and financially sustainable patient services.


  • Ed Waller
  • Claire Green
  • Lee Bond
  • Kavita Gnanaolivu
  • Brigitte Worth
  • Richard Murray

Session content

May 18

    Brigitte Worth and Tracey McCaig talk through their experiences and financial challenges within Northern Ireland and will consider their findings on the way forward.

    Tracey McCaig   / Director of finance and corporate business , Department of Health
    Brigitte Worth   / Director of finance , Department of Health

    The session will cover the Sustainability and Value Programme, collaboration between Scottish Government and Board and how Boards are taking this forward.

    Elaine Ward   / Deputy director of finance & chief finance officer , Highland Health & Social Care Partnership, NHS Highland
    Andrew Bone   / Director of finance , NHS Borders

    This session outlines the context of the challenge within NHS Wales, and the approach being taken to progress the parallel challenge of effective and efficient resource utilisation, alongside the development and delivery of allocative value through Value Based Healthcare.

    Claire Green   / Interim national director of financial planning and delivery , NHS Wales Executive
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