Event / Annual Business Planning / Financial Recovery Workshop

09:30, 31 January 2024 Online

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The session is divided into 2 parts, which each section covering the subject matter from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Annual Business Planning:
The session will cover the annual cycle of business planning including the budget setting
process and timetable, the planning guidance from NHS England, the iterative process of balancing costs with revenue, the efficiency requirements, (Cost Improvements) leading to the final sign off the plans by the Board, ICB and NHS England. The budget setting methodologies, governance and cultural challenges will also be discussed with practical examples and a business plan exercise.

Financial Recovery:
We are aware that up to 3/4s of NHS organisations are in financial recovery.
This programme will look at the ‘Financial Recovery Curve’ to determine the current
challenge for organisations and the steps that can be taken to move to financial
sustainability, whilst also considering the productivity challenge & how Finance can support with this.
The session will examine the five stages of the Recovery Curve - Decline, Special measures, Internal recovery, System recovery and Sustainability, with each stage
discussed in detail. The fundamental principles to achieve a successful turnaround will be considered and their applicability to the challenges faced by delegates within their own organisations.

By the end of this fabulous Masterclass, delegates will improve their understanding of:

Annual Business Planning:
The annual planning process and the challenges faced by Budget holders, Finance teams, the Board and external Regulators.
The Budget setting methods and their applicability and appropriateness for services.
The governance issues that need to be overcome in the planning process.

Financial Recovery:
The ‘Recovery Curve’ and the various stages,
The principles to achieve a successful turnaround in an organisation,
The cultural and organisational challenges of the ‘Recovery’ process.

Trainer Bio – Ismail Hafeji:

Now a trainer, mentor & coach, Ismail has a background as a strategic and operational NHS Director of Finance with over 14 years of Board level experience and an outstanding track record of implementing financial strategies, delivering statutory duties and building organisational resilience.
With an engaging personal style with highly developed communication skills, Ismail is skilled at motivating and empowering staff to break through barriers and achieve outstanding results.
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