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Event / Accounting together 2023

09:30, 17 May 2023, GMT 1 day In-person 17 May 2023, 110 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1JP

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About this event

This new addition to the Hub programme calendar brought together those in management accountant or finance business partner roles to discuss technical challenges and skill-based competencies in a delegate led and discussion based environment.
Please note: This event was face-to-face only therefore no session recordings are available on-demand.

Session content

May 17

    This session looks at how change affects our daily lives. Often, we have no control over changes, but we are expected to rapidly digest them and in many cases help to implement them.

    With accelerated change happening in the NHS now (and always!), colleagues from AICPACIMA will help attendees to understand organisational change. With the aim of exploring how you can thrive on the unexpected and reach your potential in the 'new world'.

    Delegates should come away from this session feeling energised and be able to:
    • Recognise the importance of differentiating between things that can be influenced and things that cannot
    • Identify their role in the change process and learn how to make a positive difference
    • Identify ways of finding the energy to manage personal and organisational change effectively

    Simon Cavadias   / Senior manager – business resilience and continuous service improvement , AICPA & CIMA

    Sarah will be discussing the key themes and learnings that have arisen from the 2022 financial sustainability audit. In this session, they will provide the internal audit perspective including feedback from the budget setting and budget managing elements of the financial sustainability checklist.

    This includes a look at the national benchmarking undertaken by The Internal Audit Network (TIAN). Sarah will also touch upon assurance from a system perspective and what it means for those managing the accounts.

    Sarah Dowbekin   / Head of research and development - quality and professional standards , MIAA

    In recent years, statistical process control (SPC) has been widely adopted for performance reporting in the NHS. Now it has financial reporting in its sights.

    SPC is an analytical technique that plots data over time. It helps us understand variation and is used to understand whether changes being made result in improvement. Presenting performance data - whether operational, financial or workforce can aid with triangulation and can facilitate cross-department and cross-organisational working.

    This will be an interactive session which explores both the basics of SPC as well as its potential use to present performance, financial and workforce data.

    You’ll receive hands on support from NHS England's Making Data Count team and you'll get a copy of the new Making Data Count for Finance Essentials guide which you’ll be able to take away with you to your organisations following the event.

    Come prepared for interactive polls, table discussions and even a quiz with prizes. We hope that you will come away from this session feeling empowered to present and communicate with other teams in your organisation through a common language.

    Samantha Riley   / director , Making Data Count, NHS England
    Nikki Greenwood   / Deputy director , Intensive Support, NHS England
    Adam Smith   / Senior analyst manager , Making Data Count, NHS England

    This session is designed to consolidate learning from the day and frame it within the context of your own organisation and geographical patch. The discussions will be facilitated by our chair with input from the HFMA policy & research team.

Supporting documents
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