Briefing / Understanding resource consumption across a system

02 September 2020 Lisa Robertson and Catherine Mitchell
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As the NHS moves to a more integrated approach to delivering care, understanding how resources are currently used is an essential first step in improving population health. This case study shares experiences from the Derbyshire system as they set out to develop a map of resource consumption across the system.

While individual organisations have information about the care they provide to individual patients, health and care systems are struggling to join up the data to have a full picture of provision across the local population. Each part of the health and care system has a different part of the jigsaw puzzle and the sharing of data to get a complete picture comes with a number of challenges. 

As the Derbyshire health and care system developed its place-based approach, it identified the need to join up data to answer the question, ‘which patients use most of our services and where do they live in the region?’ It set out to develop a map that identified high resource consumption of NHS services across its communities.

This case study describes how the Derbyshire system set about linking up data from four providers, including establishing data sharing agreements, so that they had a better understanding of the use of resources across the system.

Across the country systems are looking at how they can better use joined up data to improve services. This briefing also includes experiences from Gloucestershire ICS as they look at how data can be used to inform where resources can best be directed to improve population health.

If you would like to share your experiences on sharing data to improve population health, please contact [email protected].
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