Briefing / Sustainability reporting in the NHS

05 April 2023 Gary Mincher Lisa Robertson
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There is no doubt environmental sustainability is a key challenge for everyone. The March 2023 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is just the latest report to underscore the urgency of taking more ambitious action to secure a liveable future for all. As Amanda Pritchard, NHS chief executive, writes in explaining the NHS net zero commitments, ‘Climate change is a health emergency, as well as an environmental emergency’.

Each of the four nations of the UK have set net zero targets. Sustainability reporting is a key mechanism to support decision-making and accountability of progress towards these targets.

The briefing sets out the NHS environmental sustainability commitments and reporting requirements across the United Kingdom, what NHS organisations must report in 2022/23, along with good practice in sustainability reporting for NHS organisations in 2022/23 and beyond. It also looks ahead at future developments, the role of the finance function and how you can get involved in supporting the agenda.
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