Briefing / Summary of 2023/24 NHS finance planning guidance

10 February 2023 HFMA policy team
1 CPD hour

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The 2023/24 priorities and operational and planning guidance for the NHS in England was published in December 2022 and an HFMA summary of it published early in January 2023 . The guidance recognises the challenges that the NHS has faced in the past year which were not expected when the 2022/23 priorities were published in December 2021 and acknowledges that 2023/24 will be another challenging year. It reconfirms the ongoing need to recover core services and improve productivity, making progress in delivering key NHS ambitions and continuing to transform the NHS for the future.

This briefing summarises the accompanying guidance which should be read alongside the 2023/24 priorities and operational and planning guidance:
• Revenue finance and contracting guidance 2023/24
• Capital guidance for 2023-24
• Integrated care board and system finance business rules
• Elective recovery fund technical guidance

This briefing summarises the key points from the guidance. The full guidance should be referred to for greater detail.
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