Case study / Pharmacogenomics in general practice

Making prescribing safer and more effective

07 March 2024 Fiona Boyle
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This case study describes how a digital system is enabling knowledge of the relationship between genes and medicines, so it can be used in primary care. 

The Progress study identified four medicine groups prescribed commonly prescribed in primary care. These medicines have a known relationship to gene variations that would prevent the patient receiving benefit from them, but that may still cause side effects. The Progress study:

  • Identified the most appropriate panel of genetic tests 
  • Made the genetic information easy to use by general practitioners and available in existing health records
  • Is testing the practicality of this approach with 4 GP practices.

    The project has so far found that 20% of new patients would not have received any benefit from these medicines. This knowledge will save delays before an effective treatment can start, and the cost of the wasted medicines. GPs have welcomed the project.

    As part of our delivering value with digital technologies webinar series, on 18 March, we will be hosting a webinar which will explore the use of genomics data in the treatment and prevention of serious diseases. Professor Matt Brown, chief scientific officer at Genomics England, will be joining us to provide an overview of the future of genomic data, how it is already transforming outcomes for patients and how it integrates with the NHS.


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Genomics: what are the opportunities for healthcare and what does the future look like?

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