Briefing / Local authority finance and governance

21 July 2023 Emily Hopkinson
1 CPD hour

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Integrating health and social care has long been a priority. The NHS and local authorities have worked together in various guises across the years to deliver joined-up care for people who rely on multiple services.

With the Health and Care Act 2022 (the Act), the relationship between the NHS and local authorities is now written into law. Most stakeholders support the way the Act formalises system working and welcome the opportunity to address the wider determinants of health, reduce health inequalities and improve outcomes. Working together is not however without challenge. The partners in any system come to the table with very different cultures, expectations and priorities.

An important step in working together is taking the time to understand one another. This briefing is aimed at NHS staff and gives a short overview of local authority finance and governance. It explores some of the priorities and challenges facing local authority colleagues and discusses cultural differences between local authorities and the NHS.

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