HFMA response / HFMA's response to the FRC consultation on revisions to the Corporate governance code

21 September 2023 Lisa Robertson
1 CPD hour
The HFMA has responded to the Financial Reporting Council’s consultation on proposed revisions to the UK corporate governance code (the Code). Revisions to the Code aim to enhance its effectiveness in promoting good corporate governance. It focuses on:

• revising those parts of the Code that deal with the need for a framework of prudent and effective controls to provide a stronger basis for reporting on and evidencing their effectiveness
• making necessary revisions to reflect the responsibilities of the board and audit committee for sustainability and ESG reporting and appropriate assurance in accordance with a company's audit and assurance policy
• amending the Code to take account of the new Audit committee standard
• improving the functioning of comply-or-explain where reporting is currently weaker, taking account of recently published FRC research and reports
• updating the Code to ensure that it aligns with changes to legal and regulatory requirements as set out in the Government's response to the consultation on strengthening the UK’s audit, corporate reporting and corporate governance systems, including strengthening reporting on malus and clawback arrangements.

The Code of governance for NHS provider trusts is based on the UK corporate governance code The HFMA is therefore responding to this consultation with a specific focus on areas of the Code that relate to NHS bodies.
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