Briefing / Establishing a radiology capacity and demand model to improve value and efficiency

18 October 2022 Hayley Ringrose
1 CPD hour
In summer 2022, One NHS Finance reopened NHS Finance Innovation Programme submission window for cohort 4 applications. The programme was expanded to collect examples of clinical transformation which would be published on the HFMA website and included in future editions of the NHS value and efficiency map. Submissions must include top tips for other organisations embarking on clinical transformation projects.

This case study outlines how the radiology departments at Mid and South Essex Hospitals NHS Trust addressed the challenges of large reporting backlogs, high outsourcing costs and associated clinical risks by implementing a capacity and demand model. The trust is forecasting a £250,000 recurring annual revenue saving against £725,000 upfront investment.

The case study concludes with the following top tips which are equally applicable to any capacity and demand modelling project. The first two tips are also relevant to any clinical transformation project:

• Involve the entire clinical team in project scoping and implementation. All team members felt that they had been consulted with and their ideas and opinions had been considered.

• Share the data at every opportunity and welcome validation and challenge from all staff.

• Calculate and measure work throughput of the entire team to address the total capacity of the department and what can reasonably be delivered. This approach avoided emotive conversations with individual team members.

• Ensure that the basis of measurement has been fully agreed by the clinicians. Many factors were considered before reaching agreement on the appropriate unit of work for a session.

If you would like to submit details of a clinical transformation in your organisation, the formal window for submissions will reopen in December. Alternatively please email [email protected] with a brief outline of your clinical transformation example and a member of the team will be in touch.
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