NHS value and efficiency map

Catherine Mitchell

02 March 2022

The HFMA and NHS England and NHS Improvement have worked in partnership to publish a fully revised edition of the NHS value and efficiency map. The map is a tool that promotes best practice in the efficient and effective use of resources to deliver high-quality sustainable healthcare.

The map has been renamed to include ‘value’, recognising the importance of a value-based approach to enabling the delivery of high-quality sustainable healthcare services.

The map is a reference document for those involved in influencing the use of resources and ensuring delivery of the sustainable healthcare services. The intended audience is wide-ranging including finance staff, informatics teams, clinical staff, service managers and both executive and non-executive board members. The document is structured to signpost users to resources relevant to their individual areas of interest.

The landscape that NHS organisations operate within is continually evolving. Formal establishment of integrated care boards during 2022 will necessitate working in partnership to meet system-wide financial duties. This is against a backdrop of growing pressures on services that existed before the Covid-19 pandemic and additional pressures as a direct result of the pandemic. However, the pandemic has also accelerated changes that were already in discussion and prompted many NHS organisation to revisit how services are delivered to the populations they serve.

There is increasing recognition that finance, clinical teams and informatics need to work collaboratively. Provision of high quality services to improve population health and wellbeing is synonymous with efficient and sustainable use of resources. The Health and Care Bill 20211 embeds this in law with a new duty for organisations to deliver against the ‘triple aim’ of improving (a) health and wellbeing, (b) the quality of services, and (c) efficiency and sustainable use of resources.

In addition to funding, an equally key constraint is capacity. Limited availability of additional staff and pressures on physical space are drivers for organisations to focus on improving the use of resources to improve productivity and reduce waste. This in turn increases value - measured as ‘health outcomes achieved that matter to patients relative to the cost of achieving those outcomes’.

The moral imperative to reduce health inequalities also plays into the efficiency agenda. The ‘cost of doing nothing’ means that tackling health inequalities has an impact on value and efficiency.

The map is split into four sections: 
  • explanation of terms
  • strategic agenda
  • enablers for value and efficiency
  • opportunities to improve value and efficiency.
The map will be regularly updated. Please email policy@hfma.org.uk if you have suggestions for additions to the map.

Find out more about HFMA’s Healthcare Costing for Value Institute here

NHS value and efficiency map

March 2022 (PDF 603KB)

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