NHS corporate governance map

Updated March 2022

Lisa Robertson

10 March 2022

The HFMA NHS corporate governance map has been updated. The map brings together the key guidance and models to support effective corporate governance within the NHS. There are 26 new links in this update including material to support the year-end accounts and audit; recent white papers and HFMA summaries; and guidance to support the transition to statutory integrated care systems.

Robust governance policies and procedures must be in place, and regularly evaluated, to ensure they remain fit for purpose. Aimed at NHS boards, governing bodies, audit committees and those NHS staff with an interest in governance, the purpose of the NHS corporate governance map is to highlight the published resources that support the development and maintenance of effective governance arrangements. 

The map is split into four sections: strategic framework; enabling good governance; specific areas for assurance; and devolved nations. It signposts the key model documents and guidance available, and when they were last updated.

NHS corporate governance map

March 2022 (PDF 592KB)

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