Development of the mental health investment standard (MHIS)

Sarah Day

20 November 2020

The mental health investment standard (MHIS) seeks to increase the level of investment in mental health services across England, recognising the historic underfunding of this sector. However, both of the HFMA’s Commissioning and Mental Health Networks have raised concerns about the way that the MHIS operates and the impact that it is having. While both are very supportive of the intention, there are some areas where further support and clarification would be helpful, to implement it more effectively for the benefit of patients and achieve the desired outcomes within mental health.

The HFMA is in the fortunate position of having both the commissioner and provider finance perspective on this issue, representing 100% of mental health providers and 80% of CCGs. The two networks have come together to develop a number of recommendations to support the work of NHS England and NHS Improvement in improving the mental health of the population.
Development of the mental health investment standard (MHIS)

November 2020 (PDF 112KB)

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