External contributor / Paras Shah

Associate director of finance

In my current role as the Associate Director of Finance at North Middlesex University Hospital and as the regional FSD lead for North Central London. Witnessing firsthand the substantial benefits I've gained from having a mentor – such as gaining clarity on issues, engaging in career progression discussions, and gaining insight into their personal journeys – has fuelled my desire to also become a mentor. These mentoring tools prove invaluable in shaping one's own career and encouraging a fresh perspective on one's role, providing insights that may not have been apparent in solitary reflection.

My mentoring approach involves sharing my personal career journey, which includes experiences with the GMTS scheme, diverse roles within the NHS (including commissioners, acute, and education), and stints in consultancies within the private sector. These varied experiences, coupled with insights into my own career decisions and transitions, will serve as a valuable guidance for a mentee. I believe in not only imparting my own insights but also coaching individuals to reflect on their perspectives, empowering them to find solutions to their own challenges. The principle of "teaching a man to fish" is central to my mentoring philosophy, ensuring that I enhance individuals while leveraging my own journey for their benefit when needed.

Given my extensive experience in various NHS roles, I can offer informed thoughts on an individual's career journey, providing insights and offering challenges to help shape their professional trajectory. My particular passion for continuous improvement and instigating positive change positions me as a proactive and forward-thinking mentor, especially in navigating the complexities of financial management in a changing healthcare landscape.