Coach / Jude Goddard

HFMA coach


Jude is an independent coach, trained psychotherapist, and international mediator with 25 years NHS experience (including positions of executive director). She holds behavioural science degree and a masters in health policy. She coaches senior ranks in the military as well as people from NHS England and NHS Trusts in different parts of the country including people with roles in strategy, finance and planning.

Jude is currently the OD partner at MIAA NHS where she has designed and delivered leadership programmes.  The programmes are for those who want to learn more about the theory and practice of leadership as well as to learn more about themselves as leaders. She has worked on many challenging change and implementation programmes. 


Judes has a relational style aimed developing a rapport and supporting coachees to address current issues. Her focus is always about helping individuals identify and achieve their own aims. She does challenge where necessary. Many people approach Jude when they are at a crossroads in their career or seeking a new opportunity, like applying for a new job or seeking a different role.

She has been coaching individuals and teams for 20 years. The feedback she receives which she is happy to share, speaks for co created  success.