External contributor / Jamie McLoughlin


I started my journey with finance in the private sector completing my AAT, I have gone on to transfer this qualification to the ACCA framework and have recently achieved my masters in Forensic Accounting. A deputy finance director, as part of the ONF sponsorship scheme, is also sponsoring me concerning my own career development.  I have worked with the NHS for two years, beginning my career as a band 3 finance assistant and I am now a band 5 management accountant.  I am currently shadowing my Finance business partner closely, with view of that being my next step. As you can tell, I am highly ambitious! I would really like to assist those wishing to follow a similar path.

I am currently the deputy FSD lead at my trust and passionate about dynamic and forward thinking CPD and development. At my trust, I work closely with my band 3 colleagues to guide them through the options available via the different work streams connected to the NHS and put them on the path to their desired career. Although I am relatively new to public sector finance and the NHS, I am well versed in that transition and forging a career path within NHS Finance. I have recently lead our project to achieve ONF Level 1 accreditation.  

My role as Dep. FSD puts me in a good position to guide colleagues to the opportunities to further their career from the ground up, and as a band 5 I have the time. If a Mentee can pass me on the ladder, I’d consider that a huge success!