External contributor / Graham Sadler

Project finance business partner

I would like to help to people who are trying to navigate their way through professional development within finance. I enjoy taking time listening to people and trying to help develop and grow people within their job, this could be either with hands-on advice or just to listen to problems and help people to come up with their own solutions through active listening.

I began in the NHS on the Finance Management Training Scheme in 2014, so have been working in the NHS for 9 years. During this time I spent time working across a number of different organisations within the NHS and worked under a lot of different managers and teams. Since leaving the graduate scheme I have worked predominantly within the Financial Management side of finance, but have moved more centrally into finance related projects in the last year or so. I have experience as both a finance manager working closely with management accounts, and also as a business partner within acute and community trusts. I am a big believer in automation to help make jobs easier in the day to day and like to take a step back problem solve solutions to find the best outcome in the long term.

My personal experience of studying along side a career is a bit different than normal as the graduate scheme enabled me a privileged position of receiving a large amount of time off to compress qualification within the 3 year scheme, but I am working with colleagues who are trying to juggle the professional study and learning new skills at work so can empathise with the difficulty of this balance.