External contributor / Gayle Wells

Director of operations

I have had training and experience of coaching, and I have had training to join the One NHS Finance Sponsorship Programme as a Sponsee , therefore I am clear about the different roles and needs of coaching, sponsoring and mentoring.    I have one very informal coaching relationship at present with someone who I met through the HFMA NW Bursary process last December.  I have received no training in mentoring.

In my role as a NW Value Maker, and through HFMA NW and national activities, I have a broad and deep network of finance colleagues.  I am often asked (informally) to support colleagues with connections to help support or resolve issues and would like the opportunity to be able to use my experience and energy to mentor someone in a longer term relationship which help them to reach their full potential.

During my career, I have had the benefit of being able to (through the networks described above) reach out for support and advice in relation to next steps or decision points.  These connections really supported me when it came to big decisions such as the decision to move from commissioning to provider after 15 years, the decision to take a secondment outside of traditional finance route, and the decision to step into my current role ‘Director of Operations’ which broadly spans finance, estates, HR, communications amongst other responsibilities.  As a full time working mum of two, I understand the challenges and balance in relation to work/family life, and I know how that impacts on decisions such as those outlined above.  I know in my early career I didn’t have much support around career progression, and many working female mum role models, and would like the opportunity through mentoring to be able to support the future of finance and increase its diversity at senior levels in all aspects.