Speaker / Pat Oakley

Director, Practices made Perfect Ltd

Dr Patricia Oakley, PhD (Organisational Psychology), MBA (London), MA (Victorian Studies), BSc (Pharmacy), Dip. Hist. Med. (SA) MRPharmS.

Awarded AHPM's Lifetime Achievement Award 2016.

Dr Oakley is a recently retired Strategic Service and Workforce Policy Analyst, and Workforce Research Fellow at King’s College, London University. She has over 40 years’ health and public service experience in both operational management and policy research and development. She has worked extensively with national policymakers and Trust boards, executive directors and senior clinicians, and with service managers and clinical practitioners in developing their strategies to deliver affordable public services. She has worked in management and organisational development; restructuring organisations and clinical care systems; designing and delivering skill-mix reviews and reprofiling programmes; conducting value for money audits and managing subsequent change programmes; and preparing strategic workforce and education and training investment plans.

A Founding Director of Practices Made Perfect Limited, Dr Oakley continues to work as an adviser in workforce planning and policy development. As the author Annie Graham, she is now writing historical fiction about medical and organisational politics in 19th & 20th Century hospitals. Her first novel, Louisa’s Lament, is available from patoakleypublishing.london.