External contributor / Ali Eslami

HFMA mentor

I am a highly motivated, dynamic, and results-driven individual with ten years of experience and qualifications in finance within the NHS/NHS Trust. Since joining the NHS in 2014, I have honed my skills and expertise, consistently delivering outstanding results and exceeding expectations in various roles.

With a strong blend of technical skills and excellent communication, I am driven by a proactive approach, remaining calm under pressure, and demonstrating creativity and leadership. This unique combination has enabled me to consistently deliver outstanding results and exceed expectations throughout my career.

Dedicated to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends, I bring innovative solutions to the table and consistently deliver high-quality results. My passion for learning and development has led me to complete various courses and qualifications, enhancing my skill set and expertise in the field.

Some of my qualifications and certifications include:

  • Part-qualified accountant, ACCA (2022)
  • Cost Benchmarking, Skills Development (2023)
  • Excel Data Visualization: Creating Dashboards (Including VBA) (2023)
  • Power BI in a Day (Course 1, 2, 3 - DAX on the Power BI Education) (2023)
  • Costing, NHS Cost Improvement, NHS Commissioning (England), HFMA (2020)
  • European Computer Driving License Foundation (East Midlands Business Service) (2014)
  • English in a Business and Academic Environment (City of Oxford College) (2014)
  • MBA Master of Business Administration(2012)

With a keen eye for detail and accuracy, I specialise in developing administrative systems, particularly in the realms of accountancy and finance. I thrive in challenging and dynamic work environments, where I can leverage my skills and experience to make a significant impact. My goal is to continue contributing to the success of organizations while continually striving for personal and professional growth.