Corporate partnership / Prochainmatrix

Prochainmatrix is a software technology company. Our innovative software solutions provide organisations with the capability to manage their portfolio of initiatives, financial benefits and agreements. Our suite of modules cover the ability to capture ideas, develop into plans, monitor delivery and impact on bottom line.

Our cloud SaaS solution is provided through a secure infrastructure.

The collaborative effects of the Prochainmatrix suite of modules enable service lines to drive improvements and efficiencies across the organisation - acts as a catalyst for change incorporating a full review of operational, day-to-day business processes. Thereby ensuring improved productivity, benefits and delivery in the right place and at the right time.

Generally, improvement programmes are managed through spreadsheets, requiring resources for processing data, leading to issues such as silo-working, lack of transparency and credibility and timeliness of reporting - which leads to organizational distress. Deploying a solution like ours will support better tracking of  cost/financial improvement plans, in an easier and slicker way.

Prochainmatrix is enabling smarter organisations through information technology.