FFF journal to spotlight clinical finance

15 July 2020

Future-Focused Finance is to launch Clinical Finance Journal, a new online publication edited by AK Maheswaran, consultant anaesthetist at University Hospitals Leicester and Future-Focused Finance’s clinical engagement lead.

Over the past two years Dr Maheswaran (pictured) has headed-up FFF’s successful Finance 4 clinicians and managers programme where NHS staff from a range of professional backgrounds are introduced to the world of NHS finance. So far, it has delivered 14 events to 767 delegates.AK. l

‘The popularity and feedback from these training sessions reflects the level of interest in clinical teams in better understanding finance and working with finance professionals to deliver best value,’ Dr Maheswaran said.

In addition to the events programme, he said FFF wanted to provide a further platform that makes NHS finance clinically relevant – a platform to celebrate and champion projects where professionals have worked together to improve the quality of patient care while being aware of the financial implications of the change they have implemented.

The journal will aim to combine educational articles with editorials from a range of professionals from finance and non-finance backgrounds, together with detailed descriptions of collaborative projects. This will ensure others can learn and potentially implement some of the ideas discussed.

There will be no fees to submit articles and it will be free to read and access. FFF hopes that it will encourage people to share what they are doing in their organisations and the articles give them ideas that they subsequently implement.

The launch edition, due to be published later this year, will include a special piece centred around Covid-19. This will aim to share the work finance and non-clinical staff are doing in response to the changes and transformation of processes and patient services during the pandemic. A number of articles have already been received from a range of organisations around improving value, reducing costs and making the best use of resources. FFF thanked those who have taken the time to write and share their experiences. 

Dr Maheswaran said the editorial board is made up of both clinicians and financial professionals from across the country. However, it currently lacks mental health representation. ‘If you work for a mental health organisation and would be interested in getting involved please email futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net,’ he added.


Following publication of the Covid-19 issue, FFF aims to publish the journal quarterly. If you have any articles that you would like to submit for consideration for future issues you can do so via the platform www.clinicalfinancejournal.co.uk/