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Event / Value masterclass 2023

09:30, 14 March 2023 1 day Online

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About this event

Health services across the UK have the shared goal of ensuring the NHS is providing the best possible and most appropriate care at the lowest possible cost. The value masterclass shared examples of organisations and systems that have pursued a value driven approach and the results they have achieved. This event was designed for senior NHS finance and healthcare professionals and provided delegates with the know-how to begin applying value in practice.

Session content

Mar 14

    In 2019, Dr. Eastman led a piece of work to look at unwarranted clinical variation across Sussex musculoskeletal (MSK) services. Achieving optimal system value was the driver used for decision making. This work identified that investment in the earliest part of a patients’ MSK care pathway represented the greatest opportunity to achieve system value and best population outcomes. Since the initial work, Sussex’s MSK healthcare providers have continued to prioritise service development in this area. The result is evident in high volumes of MSK clinical experts now working in an integrated way across both primary and community settings. In this session, Dr. Eastman will talk through the approach they took, with Matthew Carr describing how the continued focus on value and outcomes is shaping transformation of service delivery in Sussex.

    Dr. Karen Eastman   / clinical director of programmes , NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board
    Matthew Carr   / MSK clinical director, NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board
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    An innovative clinic has now helped a significant number of patients to get a faster diagnosis with cancer and other serious conditions. The rapid diagnostic clinic in South East London provides quick access to a range of tests for patients over the age of 18, whose symptoms are non-specific but concerning. The project won the Integrated Care Partnership of the year award at the HSJ Awards and judges commented that the inclusive, multi-speciality, dynamic approach will allow them to continue to build their responsiveness to the wider determinants of the health. In this session, you will hear about the development of the clinic, the results they have achieved and the impact it has had across the health system on outcomes and costs.

    Geraint Jones   / rapid diagnostic unit programme lead , South East London Cancer Alliance
    Dr. Kate Haire   / clinical chair , South East London Cancer Alliance

    The finance team at North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust worked with the clinical lead for memory services to explore ways to improve the patient pathway for the memory clinic. The project looked at moving away from what they referred to as a ‘conveyor belt’ service to a more patient centred service which led to a significant change to the memory service patient pathway. Data gathered before and following the changes showed both an improvement in patient outcomes and a reduction in costs. In this session members of the finance team and the clinical lead for memory services will talk through the project giving details of the process they went through and the results they achieved.

    Dr. Becky Chubb   / locum consultant psychiatrist & deputy clinical director , North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
    Nick Wildin   / costing manager , North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
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    In this session delegates will be guided through a real-life case study example focusing on improving the lives of heart failure patients. The session will explore value-based healthcare in practice with the opportunity for attendees to input at key decision points through a simulation exercise. Delegates will explore the practicalities of measuring outcomes and improving service design for heart failure patients.

    Ishtar Al-Shammari   / founding partner , Schtal Ltd.

    NHS Wales is leading the way in the implementation of a national value-based healthcare approach with many examples of value in practice across the country. One example comes from the delivery of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) services and the work the national team has done to bring the service in line with NICE guidelines on treating Non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) patients. In this session the presenters will give an overview of the work and talk through how data was used to guide and monitor changes to the service and the impact on outcomes.

    Dr Jonathan Goodfellow   / national clinical lead , NHS Wales Collaborative Cardiac Network, NHS Wales
    Dr Sue Goodfellow   / GP and improvement advisor , NHS Wales Collaborative Cardiac Network, NHS Wales
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