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Event / Value Masterclass 2020

00:00, 11 March 2020 110 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1JP

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About this event

The value masterclass brought together senior finance and clinicians to explore the concept of value-based healthcare and its practical application in the NHS. At this event, attendees heard real-life examples of value in progress, learnt about tools to help deliver value in their own organisation or system, and had the opportunity to network and debate with their peers.


Mar 11

    One of the key elements in achieving value is that patients should be involved in discussions about outcomes. Personal Health Budgets provide a great example of where a package of care has been developed with the recipient of the care directly involved. Rob will talk about his experiences
    of a number of different approaches to shared decision making, his personal health budget and the
    impact it has had on his life.

    Rob Moriarty   / Patient Speaker

    Jospeh will share details of a project to gauge if pathway redesign based on the principles of value based healthcare could improve outcomes and reduce costs. The session will look at the process
    they went through to evaluate two treatment models using value as the key driver. The project team will describe the results of the exercise and the lessons learned.

    Joseph Casey
    Lucinda Gabriel   / Clinical Fellow , King's Health Partners

    In this session you will hear how value can be used to frame decisions and to help bring clinical and finance colleagues together to collectively decide on solutions to key issues. Paul will share details of a framework which can be used to assess the impact of strategic and operational decisions within organisations and systems.

    Paul Miller   / Non-Executive Director , Salisbury NHS FT and BPV Lead Facilitator

    Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS) undertook a process to use value as the key driver in assessing how diabetes services are delivered. Michael and Ashley from Dorset ICS will share details of the project and how it has affected how they approach system-level decision making.

    Michael Gravelle   / Assistant Director of Finance , Dorset CCG