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10:00, 22 October 2020 Online

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About this event

The speed at which health systems have responded to Covid-19 shows that our system can make rapid, innovative changes. The challenge now is ensuring organisations and systems keep the positives and avoid going back to previous low value ways of working.

The pandemic has significantly disrupted the provision of routine care, forcing healthcare providers to postpone many services and adopt new approaches. These changes present an unprecedented opportunity to examine services, supporting areas that provide the most value and reducing or stopping those that provide little or no benefit.

This special online discussion forum for clinicians and senior NHS finance staff looked at the impact of Covid-19 from a number of different perspectives and examined how value-based care can support organisations and systems to keep the positive changes that have occurred.

The speakers gave short presentations on their experiences of the last six months and shared practical examples of how approaches have changed and the impact those changes have had on outcomes and costs.

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Oct 22

    Sally shares details of the work that has gone on in Wales to make value-based healthcare business as usual and how this has been affected over the last 6 months.

    Dr. Sally Lewis   / GP and National Clinical Lead for Value-Based Care , NHS Wales

    George & Maria will share their experiences of working with a number of healthcare organisations on their Covid-19 planning and how they have approached prioritising services.

    George Batchelor
    Maria Starovoitova

    Tim will give the CFO perspective on the last six months and share how increased flexibility has changed how the trust operates and works with others.

    We do not have permission to share these slides.

    Tim Jaggard   / Chief Financial Office , University College London Hospitals NHS FT

    This session will share details of the work being done by a special national unit who have been working with policymakers to support the national Covid-19 response.

    Thomas Kearney   / Deputy Director – Clinical Insight , Covid-19 Behaviour Change Unit