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Webinar / The power of PLICs for smarter resource allocation and transformation of care management

14:00, 20 March 2024 1 hour Online

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Mar 20
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    Analysis of how costs are consumed by patients across all sectors – creating a whole patient picture – can lead to a smarter allocation of resources and services that better meet the needs of populations. This session explores how a select group of service users are influencing the majority of costs within St Helens, highlighting the potential for transformative change in how care is managed and how healthcare resources are allocated.

    Wes and Rob share details of a groundbreaking pilot project which is at the cutting edge of healthcare analytics merging patient-level costing data across multiple healthcare domains. The project integrates mental health and acute care cost and activity data with comprehensive care records from primary, acute, mental health, and social care datasets to look at trends and identify issues.

    By shifting patient-level costing from a behind-the-scenes number-crunching exercise to a cornerstone of strategic decision-making, Wes shows how they are significantly enhancing organisational performance and patient outcomes.

    Wes Baker  / Director of strategic analytics, economics and population health management Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Rob Collins   / Chief finance officer , Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
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