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Event / International value symposium 2023

08:45, 5 October 2023 1 day Online

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About this event

The symposium attracts senior decision-makers from all parts of healthcare interested in making value-based  healthcare a reality, and welcomes international delegates. 

The day included speakers from overseas as well as the UK and encouraged interactive discussion to tackle the key challenges as well as sharing case studies and success stories.

The event included presentations from The Netherlands focusing on diabetes services; from Australia looking at the results achieved when a value approach was applied to both cancer and dental services; and looked at using cost and activity data to improve value for services in the US and Brazil. There were also sessions on the Europe-wide Project ValueCare initiative and on creating out of hospital outpatient assessment centres in the UK. 

The event was aimed at clinical and senior finance staff but was suitable for anyone from a healthcare provider or commissioner role interested in the practical application of value-based healthcare. 

Delegates came away with a wealth of practical ideas to support improving value, efficiency and productivity at their own organisations and systems.

Session content

All the speaker slides we have permission to be shared can be viewed in the session content below.

Oct 05

    This session will feature two case studies from Australia. The first of these looks at the provision of cancer services and the impact adopting patient reported outcome measurement has had on patient outcomes, quality and costs. The second case study focuses on dental services and will share details of a value-based cost and payment model which aims to promote the use of high value services. For both case studies, the speakers will give an overview of the projects including the challenges faced and lessons learnt from the results so far.

    Christobel Saunders   / chair of surgery and director research , Melbourne Medical School, Royal Melbourne Hospital
    Susan McKee   / chief executive officer , Dental Health Services Victoria

    Dr. Veeze set up Diabeter in order to deliver high value care for people with Type 1 diabetes in the Netherlands. Diabeter set out to provide focused care looking specifically at diabetes outside of the usual hospital setting. This approach had a significant impact on patient outcomes, not only increasing the quality of care but also reducing costs through improved efficiency. In this session Dr. Veeze will talk about the approach at Diabeter and how having a focused approach helped to deliver high value, efficient care.

    Dr. Henk Veeze   / paediatrician and senior international medical director , Diabeter, The Netherlands

    Healthy ageing along with independent living have become key challenges for many countries as they experience growth in the number of older people in their population. Project ValueCare is a Europe-wide project to support the delivery of efficient, outcome-based integrated (health and social) care to older people facing cognitive impairment, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions. The project’s vision of integrated value-based care is being tested and evaluated in seven large-scale pilots across Europe. In this session Oscar Mayora and Oscar Zanutto will give an overview of the project and share feedback and results from the pilot sites.

    Oscar Mayora   / head of digital health research , Fondazione Bruno Kessler
    Oscar Zanutto,   / coordinator , ISRAA - Faber

    Dorset were aware of an ongoing issue with demand outweighing capacity which was exacerbated by the Covid pandemic. In order to address the growing backlog of non-urgent appointments across a range of specialties they explored options to move outpatient appointments out of a hospital setting. To do this they created the Health Village, a series of outpatient assessment centres (OACs) located within densely populated areas. Ruth worked with clinicians and finance staff to develop resource efficient clinical pathways and was instrumental in the implementation of several Health and Social Care initiatives, including the co-location of public health and wellbeing staff and resources in the clinics so that patients had a single visit which addressed their holistic needs. In this session, Ruth will give an overview of the project and share details of the impact the scheme has had on patients. She will also talk about the challenges of delivering healthcare in a retail setting, the lessons learnt and what they are planning next.

    Ruth Williamson   / deputy chief medical officer , University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

    Good-quality data is fundamental to providing the right care to the right patient in the right place. When looking at value, monitoring activity and costs is a key to recognising high value services and identifying efficiencies. In this session Ana will highlight why using cost and activity data is essential to delivering value and share details from a number of different case studies, including examples from the US in orthopaedics and applied cases from Latin America for chronic and rare disease. In all the cases, Ana will show how by measuring resource consumption at a patient level, following the steps of time-driven activity-based costing, it is possible to identify and quantify opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce waste and provide accurate cost information to redefine payment strategies based on value.

    Ana Paula Beck da Silva Etges   / healthcare strategy, economics and policy scientist and consultant , The Health Technology Assessment Institute, Brazil
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