Webinar / How using pharmacogenomics can drive cost savings and deliver better patient outcomes

13:30, 10 June 2024 1 hour Online

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Jun 10
    Pharmacogenomics is the understanding that a person’s genetic makeup will have a direct impact on whether a drug will work for them.

    In this webinar, we delve into insights from one of the pioneering sites involved in the Pharmacogenomics Roll Out – Gauging Response to Service (PROGRESS) initiative.

    This programme aims to explore the feasibility of implementing a nationwide diagnostic service within the NHS to identify genetic variations linked to commonly prescribed medications.

    The objectives of this project include:
    • Developing and validating an initial genetic test suitable for NHS utilisation
    • Establishing a mechanism to translate laboratory findings into prescribing guidance for primary care practitioners (GPs)
    • Collaborating with a select group of GPs in the North West to trial the system.
    • Implementing a strategy to ensure affordability for the NHS, while also assessing adoption feasibility
    • Engaging with patient groups across England to gauge sentiment regarding this form of testing

    During this session, Videha offers an overview of the programme, delving into clinical involvement and gathering feedback from patients participating in the scheme in Manchester.

    Dr Videha Sharma   / Clinical innovation lead, lecturer in health informatics , Division of Informatics, Imaging and Data Science
    Fiona Boyle  / HFMA policy manager

Case study: Pharmacogenomics in general practice

This case study describes how a digital system is enabling knowledge of the relationship between genes and medicines, so it can be used in primary care.

Delivering Value with Digital Technologies

This webinar is part of the Delivering Value with Digital Technologies workstream.

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