Webinar / HFMA South Central Lunch and Learn: What will the NHS cost in ten years? How much productivity is achievable?

12:00, 13 November 2023 Online

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Each year, ICBs and providers wait anxiously to hear about how much their funding will grow in the new financial year, and what level of efficiency savings is expected. But where do those numbers come from? In this session Ben Fletcher, Deputy Director of Strategic Finance at NHS England, will give you an introduction to NHS England’s strategic finance team and the work they do, especially:

  • How does NHS England work out how much money is needed for the health service in the future?
  • How does NHS England decide on allocations growth and efficiency requirements?
  • How does a Spending Review work for the NHS?
  • How does finance support national change programmes like mental health or cancer?
Occupational level
Band 2 to 6 finance Band 7+ finance