Workshop / HFMA members' summer series

09:30, 20 June 2023 – 15:00, 22 June 2023 3 days Online

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About this event

This unique online event provided HFMA members with a variety of engaging sessions over three days.

Session content

Jun 20

    Jim is a leading architect of change and trusted advisor to international organisations, fast-growth companies and Olympic Teams. He will share some of the rules to managing our inner voice, our ‘Tiger’, and how we can use this to direct our path through change. Jim’s story-based approach will provide takeaways that will be applicable to both your work and personal life. Will you let your tiger stop you?

    Jim Lawless

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    Join Ben, as he explains how digital is seen as an enabler for decarbonisation, supporting the NHS to achieve their goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions. He will further explore how developments such as telehealth, ‘smart’ hospitals, using the technology in asset management and circular hardware procurement are some of the ways currently facilitating decarbonisation.

    NHS England has developed an approach involving five main processes; developing the business case and benefits, digital service design, procurement, climate change risk management and data collection. In this session Ben will provide further information on these processes and how they can be embedded in to your system’s digital procurement process.

    Ben Tongue   / Digital net zero lead , NHS England
    Mike Emery   / Director of digital innovation and technology , Welsh Government

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    This interactive session will teach you what resilience actually is, what stress actually is and a variety of methods that you can use on a regular basis to lower stress levels and build your resilience.

    All of the techniques taught are straightforward, practical and easy to integrate into your daily or weekly routine, making it simple for you to build and maintain your resilience.

    Jo Howarth   / Chief executive officer , The Happiness Club

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) currently faces critical challenges that hamper the financial sustainability of the current healthcare system. KSA’s government healthcare costs are currently expected to more than double between 2019 and 2030. The Health Sector Transformation Program (HSTP) reforms aim to bring costs under control by optimizing capacity, improving prevention, increasing efficiency, and minimising duplication of efforts in the health sector. Such transformation requires good quality information, and this session will focus on the alignment between regulators and providers on the strategic importance of patient level cost data and the critical role it plays in underpinning a value-based approach in healthcare.

    Hefin Jones   / Clinical costing director , National Casemix Center of Excellence, Saudi Arabia

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    Being good at a job and being good at getting a job are two entirely different skillsets. The session will provide guidance on gaining relevant 'job ready' experience, networking effectively, submitting a standout application and becoming the best-prepared interview candidate.

    Pete English   / Independent consultant , Peter English MDC

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    Every time you come into contact with people – whether online, on the phone or in person – they’re picking up clues about you. This session is designed as an introduction to the subject of personal branding, explaining what a personal brand is and sharing practical tips and techniques to ensure those clues create a positive impression both online and in person.

    Jennifer Holloway   / Personal brand specialist and author

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    On average 11,000 deaths a year are classed as avoidable with that number tripling in the years following the pandemic.

    Patient Safety Learning is a registered charity with a wealth of free resources, they are on a mission to align leadership and frontline delivery of care; ensuring that patient safety is front and centre in the development of integrated care.

    Helen will bring a unique perspective to this session as an ex-NHS Finance Director. Between 13 – 15% of yearly spend is attributed to patient safety issues. Not only morally is this an issue that needs to be addressed but getting it right can also have a big impact on the bottom line.

    Helen Hughes   / Chief executive , Patient Safety Learning
Jun 21

    A practical, interactive exploration of career development opportunities for those wishing to progress in the NHS and how HFMA can support you in achieving your goals.

    Iain Crossley  / HFMA tutor and coach

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    Demand and capacity modelling is crucial to articulating the future of healthcare services. Chris Giles will bring the lessons learnt from all sectors to understand how services have responded to the challenge of redesign and productivity.

    This session will cover how digital solutions are key to the future response to patient demand, and how Grant Thornton has worked to include health inequalities at different stages of the work.

    Chris Giles   / Director , Grant Thornton

    The digital transformation agenda is the top priority for the NHS and innovations such as AI and wearable technologies are becoming prevalent tools in delivering healthcare.

    James and Stephen will provide an overview of the digital transformation, including examples of the automation projects delivered in partnership with NHS colleagues, and discuss what the future of new technologies looks like, touching on key innovations already in place like the one NHS Finance platform.

    Stephen Sutcliffe   / Director of finance & accounting , NHS Shared Business Services
    James Parker   / Automation & innovation manager integrated healthcare solutions , NHS Shared Business Services

    The NHS is currently going through vast amounts of change, from the creation of the 42 ICBs and other integrated systems, all the way to the restructuring of individual teams. This can leave those affected feeling like they are aren’t comfortable in their roles and are unable to perform as well as they would like.

    Kate and Joscelyn will talk to us about their experiences in navigating organisational change and will share their learnings in making it feel more manageable for those impacted by the change.

    Kate Hannam   / Interim group service director - Morriston Hospital , Swansea Bay University Health Board
    Joscelyn Henry-Shaw   / Corporate portfolio change manager , NHS England

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    Being part of a network is important in business. By tapping into the skills, knowledge and experience of our colleagues and contacts we can deliver more than we can on our own.

    While some people are natural networkers, enjoying meeting people and building relationships, others feel less confident, unsure how to kick-start the process. That’s why this session offers simple, practical, easy-to implement tips and techniques to support you.

    Jennifer Holloway   / Personal brand specialist and author

    This session will explore the outcomes, learning and results from a programme which used a population health management approach to improve system working and accelerate care delivery at system, place, neighbourhood and person level. In this session Ada will talk though how the programme helped local teams to respond to challenges they were facing including case studies on addressing obesity, comorbidities in people from deprived areas and diabetes.

    Ada Foreman   / Deputy director strategy programme and financial planning , NHS Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board

    In this session, Fenella will touch upon the factors that lead NHS organisations to thinking short term, hindering ICS's full potential. Drawing upon the Good Governance Institute's experience working across the NHS, she will share key themes for better streamlining of structure and governance. Fenella will also highlight how audit colleagues can promote the adoption and growth of best practices.

    From the audit conference, which took place on 16 March 2023.

    Fenella McVey   / Principal consultant, director of innovation , Good Governance Institute

    In 2019, Dr. Eastman led a piece of work to look at unwarranted clinical variation across Sussex musculoskeletal (MSK) services. Achieving optimal system value was the driver used for decision making. This work identified that investment in the earliest part of a patients’ MSK care pathway represented the greatest opportunity to achieve system value and best population outcomes. Since the initial work, Sussex’s MSK healthcare providers have continued to prioritise service development in this area. The result is evident in high volumes of MSK clinical experts now working in an integrated way across both primary and community settings. In this session, Dr. Eastman will talk through the approach they took, with Matthew Carr describing how the continued focus on value and outcomes is shaping transformation of service delivery in Sussex.

    From the Institute value masterclass, which took place on 14 March 2023.

    Dr. Karen Eastman   / Clinical director of programmes , NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board
    Matthew Carr   / MSK clinical director , NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board
Jun 22

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    Starting her career in finance as a trainee accountant working in local government, Jane Tomkinson is now chief executive of Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, serving a population 2.8 million. Having been in this role since 2013, Jane will use this session as an opportunity to reflect on her career journey, discussing how her personal experiences of positive leadership along the way, have shaped her own leadership style. Jane is a long-standing key supporter of the HFMA and we hope that this session will inspire you to engage with your professional development and career progression.

    Jane Tomkinson OBE   / Chief Executive Officer , Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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    Peter will provide an overview of the first year of ICBs and the impact on NHS finance management, as well as highlighting areas for improvement going forward. Attendees can expect to hear about positive developments during the first year and upcoming changes in healthcare finance

    Peter Ridley   / Deputy chief finance officer - operational finance , NHS England

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    The NHS is one of the world’s largest employers and as such the equality and diversity agenda should be at the forefront of their human resources strategy. However, on the ground, is this the case? One area of importance and continuing education for workplaces and society as whole is gender identity. This session will explore what it’s like to be transitioning within the NHS as well as what more can be done to educate leaders, staff and patients to ensure the NHS continues to evolve and remain an inclusive workplace for all.

    Max Siegel
    Maria Wheeler   / Deputy director of finance , The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

    The award winning Open Mental Health alliance was created as the cornerstone of Somerset ICS’s approach to the Community Mental Health Transformation initiative, of which they are an earlier implementor site.

    Beccy, who was heavily involved in the inception of the alliance, will discuss the process of setting up Open Mental Health and the principles that guided the structure and governance of the organisation, such as the ‘no wrong door’ policy, providing greater flexibility for clinicians and workers within the system, and being coproduced from the outset with experts by experience.

    Beccy Wardle   / Associate director for ICB partnerships , Rethink Mental Illness

    NHS Supply Chain recognises the need to continually optimise efficiency and sustainable value throughout the end-to-end supply chain. A part of this, we will hear about the current rollout of trust inventory management and point of care solutions to acute hospitals, as well as how NHS Supply Chain is evolving to meet the changing needs of the NHS.

    Hamish Makanji   / Head of customer relationship management , NHS Supply Chain
    Colin McCready   / Chief finance officer , NHS Supply Chain
    Mark Vallentine   / Technology engagement partner , NHS Supply Chain

    No slides were used for this session.

    This session will highlight various development programmes available through One NHS Finance including: Career Shapers (Bands 2-4), Career Developers (Bands 5&6), Career Progressors (Bands 7-8b) and Breaking Diversity Barriers (Bands 7-8b). Also included on the panel are members of The Sponsorship Programme which is in place to support staff from under-represented groups via senior finance leaders providing career sponsorship and mentoring.

    Jasvinder Landa   / Divisional finance and information manager , University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
    Abul Sadakathulla   / Costing analyst assistant , St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    Jade Hammonds   / Finance assistant , North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
    Gavin Rush   / Head of costing , The Christie NHS Foundation trust

    Many fear the introduction of robotic process automation as something that could mean job losses and replace the need for human workers in financial departments. In this session, Darren will put your mind at ease and will discuss how 'virtual workers' can be deployed non-disruptively into business operations and can be utilised to digitise many manual processes. By using robotic process automation, Darren and his team have been able to support their finance team to work faster and smarter in the challenging climate we currently face.

    From pre-accounts planning which took place on 25-26 January 2023

    Darren Atkins   / Chief technology officer , Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

    Mark has spent is career working between the NHS and local government, including as care & health programme manager as the Local Government Association. Drawing from his experience, he will highlight some of the barriers, and potential solutions, to better working with local authorities. Mark will also discuss some of the projects currently underway at Gloucestershire Integrated Care System.

    From the integrated care summit which took place on 7 February 2023.

    Mark Golledge   / Programme director, PMO and ICS development , NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care System
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