Webinar / Help or hype - how to tell the difference with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions

13:30, 9 February 2024 1 hour Online

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Feb 09

    With so many options in the market for AI solutions to solve healthcare challenges - how do you know whether it is going to be beneficial to your organisation? We hear from CIVICA's head of AI and analytics talk about the things to consider when buying or building an AI solution to ensure it will help meet your organisation’s objectives.

    Along with busting some AI myths, Ben shares real-world examples and practical experience of building and releasing AI solutions at scale across healthcare. He discusses:

    - What AI is and isn’t, and what it can and can’t do
    - Types of AI and the risks associated with each type
    - Problems that lend themselves to AI solutions
    - How to prove an AI system delivers on its objectives
    - Ethics, fairness and transparency
    - Security and governance.

    This webinar aims to leave you equipped with the knowledge to ask the right questions when evaluating AI solutions to ensure they safely deliver on your business objectives. If the right questions are asked the NHS can invest in this technology confidently.

    The webinar is hosted by Ben Court, head of AI and analytics at Civica. Ben is an MSc qualified data scientist with almost 20 years’ experience in healthcare analytics both working in and with the NHS.

    Ben Court   / Head of AI & Analytics , Civica
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