Webinar / Fast-track your career in 2024: HFMA qualifications

12:00, 2 February 2024 1 hour Online

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Feb 02

    Watch this exclusive qualifications webinar with the HFMA Academy team, and explore the potential of the HFMA qualifications to elevate your career. This webinar was hosted on MS Teams.

    In this session, we hear more about how the HFMA qualifications have been designed to provide you with essential management and leadership skills specifically tailored to the challenges within the NHS. Gain insights into how the HFMA's programmes offer a preview of navigating the NHS landscape, offering a deeper understanding of its strategic context. Learn how you can equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and effectively lead in today's ever-evolving healthcare environment.

    We hear from our tutors, a former student, and the head of the HFMA Academy as they delve into the details of the HFMA qualifications. They share valuable insights into how an HFMA qualification could be a significant asset in supporting your career or personal goals.

    Take note that bursaries are available for our March 2024 cohort, making this an opportune moment to invest in your professional development. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable information. Watch the webinar recording on-demand below to learn more.

    Paul Miller  / HFMA tutor and coach
    John Leiper   / Assistant director of finance , North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Emily Osgood   / Head of academy, learning & development , HFMA
CPD accredited
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Occupational level
Band 2 to 6 finance Band 7+ finance Clinical/medical professional Primary care/practice manager Senior finance/board-level