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Event / Environmental sustainability conference 2023

09:15, 12 October 2023 1 day Online

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About this event

This half-day online event explored the environmental sustainability challenges facing the NHS, with a focus on the role of finance teams in supporting and driving the sustainability agenda. Delegates learned about best practices for promoting sustainability across healthcare organisations.

Session content

All the speaker slides we have permission to be shared can be viewed in the session content below.

Oct 12

    In this session, we will delve into the public sector decarbonisation journey, focusing on Salix's perspective. We will hear about the Phase3c Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), as well as other available funds such as the Low Carbon Skills Fund. Patrick will also highlight the importance of actionable long-term decarbonisation strategies, even in the absence of the PSDS.

    Patrick Lane   / Client support officer , Salix Finance

    The East of England Productivity and Efficiency Group and PrescQIPP won the HFMA Environmental Sustainability Award for their inhaler carbon awareness campaign, which successfully reduced emissions and costs while improving patient outcomes. The campaign's system-wide approach and open-access resources make it an exemplary model for others to follow.

    Carol Roberts   / Chief executive officer , PrescQIPP CIC
    Karen Homan   / Associate director of medicines optimisation , PrescQIPP CIC
    Declan Nugent   / Head of finance , NHS England

    Heidi will discuss the steps taken by NHS Supply Chain to create a path towards net zero, of which one element is working closer with its own supply chain. As part of this initiative, NHS Supply Chain has set out five asks for its suppliers, which not only sends a clear message about the future direction of travel but also allows their customers to make clearer and more informed choices.
    1. carbon reduction plan
    2. social value
    3. evergreen sustainable supplier assessment
    4. net zero supplier roadmap
    5. modern slavery

    Heidi Barnard   / Head of sustainability, , NHS Supply Chain

    Meenu and Janet will the discuss the practical steps they've taken at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust to minimize their carbon footprint within clinical services. They will share insights on harnessing the power of carbon champions, rallying clinical colleagues and the executive team to support environmental changes, fostering clear and engaging dialogue with stakeholders to secure buy-in, and highlighting instances where carbon reduction initiatives have coincided with cost savings.

    Dr Meenu Netke   / Consultant anaesthetist & clinical lead for sustainability , Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
    Janet Smith   / Head of Sustainability , Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
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